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1. Color wood fixed tuning wrench: the total length of the wrench is 310mm. The spanner opening is 2#. The tuning wrench is a special tool that rotates the piano peg pin to adjust the tension and increase or decrease the sound. It is important The part is the board opening (sleeve). It is made of steel and has an inner octagonal shape. 45# steel is used for high temperature quenching, which is more sturdy and durable. One end is an internal threaded hole for connection with the connector. The other end is an inner octagonal hole, which is like two squares overlapping at an angle of 45 degrees, which can shift the handle of the wrench at an angle of 45 degrees.
2. Piano equal temperament tache band (red) Length: 112cm Width: 1.6cm–2.5cm Thickness: 0.3-0.5cm The tache band is mainly used in the tuning of the equal temperament of the piano reference group. The twelve notes of the reference sound group can be stopped at one time, which is very convenient to use. Therefore, it is also called the equal temperament stop band, which is a commonly used stop tool for the equal temperament adjustment of the reference group. Because the stop has a considerable length, you can stop all the left and right strings of the same string in the midrange of an upright piano at one time. In addition, after meeting the needs of the tuning of the piano reference group, it can also meet the second lowest.
3. Blue tuning fork: small: 9×1.2cm, thickness: 1mm
4. Blue silencer: with handle: total length 24.5cm rubber part: length 5cm, width 1cm, height 1cm
5. A440HZ tuning fork chrome-plated steel round tuning fork. Tuning fork is a mechanical vibration tuning tool with high accuracy, small pitch change, and long pronunciation duration
6. Blue silencer: The environmentally friendly nylon material is a silencer tool used for tuning in the high-pitched range of an upright piano
7. Tool bag outer packaging 33×14.5x4cm
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