10 PCS 900M-T-2C Middle C Type Lead-free Electric Welding Soldering Iron Tips


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1. The soldering iron head is the heat conducting part of the welding table. It mainly consists of four metal materials: copper, iron, nickel, chromium and tin.
– Copper, as a heat conductor, is the main component of the soldering iron head. About 85% of the soldering iron head materials, copper has good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to the rapid heating of the soldering iron head. Good soldering iron heads are made of copper, but some manufacturers use brass, in order to reduce costs, but also reduce the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron head. Iron, which acts as an anticorrosion, is the key factor affecting the service life of the iron head. Good soldering iron head has fine and dense crystal structure and good corrosion resistance. This soldering iron head has long service life and good tin effect. Manufacturers with poor iron plating technology mainly rely on the thickness of the iron plating layer to control the service life of the iron head. Usually, the iron plating layer is thicker and the iron head is not tin, thin and durable. Nickel – plays an anti rust role in iron plating, and is convenient for subsequent chromium plating. Chromium – non stick tin prevents the use of tin to run on the iron head. The general chrome plated time is more than 5 minutes, and the ordinary decorative chrome plating is about 1 minutes. Tin – in the head, in the use of sticky tin parts. This is the composition of the iron head material, indispensable.
2. Keep welding head clean.
-Wipe the solder, tin and oxide on the welding head with a special wet sponge. After each use, it is necessary to clean the oxide on the welding head and add new tin on the tin plating layer of the welding head.
3. Keep the tin on the welding head.
– This can reduce the oxidation chance of the welding head and make the welded iron head more durable. After use, the new tin layer should be coated only after the humidity of the solder iron is slightly reduced, and the right-to-use tin plating layer can achieve better anti-oxidation effect.
4. Choose low active flux.
– The flux with high activity or strong corrosiveness will accelerate the corrosion of soldering iron head when heated, so low corrosive flux should be selected.
5. Clean up oxides immediately.
– When part of tin plating layer contains black oxide or rust, it is possible to make the welding iron head tin free and unable to carry out welding work. If tin oxide is found not to be added to tin, it must be cleaned at once.
6. Choose the right soldering iron head.
– It is very important to choose the correct size and shape of the welded iron head. Choosing the appropriate welded iron head can make the work more efficient and increase the durability of the welded iron head. Choosing the wrong welding head will affect the efficiency of welding iron, and the quality of welding will also be reduced.
– The size of the welded iron head is directly related to the thermal capacity. The larger the welded iron head is, the larger the thermal capacity is, the smaller the welded iron head is, and the smaller the thermal capacity is. When continuous welding is carried out, the bigger the welding iron head is, the lower the temperature drop is. In addition, because of the high thermal capacity of the large welding iron head, it is not easy to oxidize when the welding iron head can be used at a lower temperature, thus increasing its service life.
The short and thick welding iron head has long heat transfer and small welding iron head, and is more durable. Flat, blunt iron heads can transmit more heat than sharp iron heads. Generally speaking, the size of soldering head is not affected by adjacent elements. Selecting the geometry dimensions that can fully contact with the solder joints can improve the welding efficiency.

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