14 inch HD LED Screen Digital Photo Frame with Holder & Remote Control, Allwinner, Alarm Clock / MP3 / MP4 / Movie Player(White)


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1. This is a stylish and multifunctional digital photo frame, allows you retain the most beautiful moment.
2. 14 inch, 4:3 screen design, 1024 x 768 HD display, present the perfect photos, experience realistic video, movies.
3. Support a variety of playback formats, can playback pictures and music simultaneously.
4. The picture can be rotated 360 degrees.
5. LED backlight, improving the screen brightness, image texture.
6. Alarm clock, clock, calendar mode can play the slide, a timing switch.
7. Music, movie playback speed can be as high as fast. Hanging wall.
8. Slide speed: Optional: Fast, slow. A second 30 minutes time interval is adjustable
9. Slide mode: Optional: Close, random, sequence, from bottom to top, from lower down, from left to right, from right to left, closed, open, cross cross type, vertical cross.
10. Boot / card automatically play: Optional: Close, pictures, music, movie, music, pictures, mixed sowing.
11. Repeat mode: A single file, directory, all files
12. Audio output port: Support Headset interface
13. Built-in dual 8 ohm 2W speaker
14. Mode of operation: The remote control or the button control
15. It makes a great centerpiece for any home, office or business.
16. Custom functions: Boot LOGO, screen printing LOGO, built-in high-speed memory, human body induction, multi language menu etc….

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