2 PCS Anpwoo 205PV 2 in 1 Power + Video Balun HD-CVI/AHD/CVI Passive Twisted Transceiver


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1. Power + video 2 in 1 passive twisted transceiver.
2. Tuning fork waterproof DC head, built-in high tension spring BNC.
3. RJ45 connector, HD568B connection method.
4. HD 200 meters, simulation 300 meters.
5. 200 meters power supply, input and output 12V ~ 48V (unregulated chip please select the appropriate power according to the camera voltage).
6. Support HD-CVI/AHD/CVI analog HD cameras and analog ordinary HD cameras.
7. ABS plastic shell, durable to use, small size, delicate design.
8. Power indicator, real-time display of power supply status.

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