2 PCS STARTRC Signal Booster Antenna Range Extenders for DJI Mavic Mini(Black)


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Item #: DOP2686B Brand: STARTRC Categories: ,
1. Accurate parabolic curved booster completely reflects the remote signal to the antenna (the focal point of the reflector)
2. Increases the signal stability, improves remote control performance
3. Foldable design, and provides 2 connecting methods: up and down, or left and right
4. Easy to install, no tools or modifications required
5. Compatible with most of remote controls of donres, RC heliopters/airplanes/cars

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Qty per Carton200
Carton Weight9.20kgs / 20.28lb
Carton Size52cm * 35cm * 46cm / 20.47inch * 13.78inch * 18.11inch

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