3-LED Changeable & Folding Touch Table Lamp or Flashlight (Light Green)


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1) The volume first, this table lamp a dual-use nature, flashlights of the fold is a practical, when the open is a sophisticated table lamp;

2) Secondly, the products have three manual joint movement, where you can collapse, arbitrary angle;

3) Finally, when the lamp is open at the arc, it is a simple fashion, when it is collapsed, it is a cute trend

4) Material: PVC

5) Power: 1.4W

6) Input voltage: AC 220V/50Hz

7) 220-degree rise

8) Full charge takes 10 hours, maximum charging time should be less than 15 hours

9) Light touch switch, light that is bright;Long press the touch switch, the light slowly dimmed until you close the

10) A full charge used to 3-4 hours


1) DC power supply no strobe-eye protection

2) No radiation-protecting the brain

3) Low voltage-use safety

4) LED UV-protection-free skin import light guide plate, light lighter softer

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