30W Waterproof LED Floodlight Lamp Luminous Flux: > 2400LM, PF > 0.9, RA > 80, AC 170-300V


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1. Delicated appearance.
2. Ultrathin and convenient, the thickness is 1/4 of the traditional light thickness.
3. High-density aviation aluminum material, fast heat dissipation.
4. Imported LED chip, long lifespan, high brightness and low light attenuation.
5. Super waterproof grade, LED source light waterproof, waterproof shell, dual protection.
6. Anti dropping, explosion proof, high temperature resistance, the transmittance is up to 90%.
7. Usage scenario: Park and square, interchange building, city beautify, international hotel, advertising signs.

Lumens(LM)> 2400LM
Emitter TypesCOB LED
Light ColorWarm White Light
Color Temperature3000K
Voltage (V)AC 170-300V
Protection LevelIP67Waterproof
Sheathing MaterialAluminum Alloy
Product Size180*160*25mm
Warranty3 Years
Package Weight
One Package Weight0.54kgs / 1.18lb
Qty per Carton20
Carton Weight10.50kgs / 23.15lb
Carton Size44cm * 40cm * 27cm / 17.32inch * 15.75inch * 10.63inch
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