4 Channel Passive Video BNC to UTP RJ45 Balun Transceiver


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1) This BNC to UTP RJ45 Balun transmits video signal via UTP Lan cable.

2) Input: BNC-video

3) Output 1 of 4ch box – One RJ45, each for 4 channels (Pin 1-2 ch1, Pin 4-5 ch2, pin 3-6 ch3, pin 7-8 ch4).

4) Output 2 of 4ch box – Four screw output for 4 channels.

5) Passive design (no power required).

6) This Video BNC UTP RJ45 Balun using standard LAN cable, patching.

7) This 4 Channel BNC UTP RJ45 Balun does not support 12V power transmission.

8) Maximum 300m color video working distance (much better than coaxial cable 100m).

9) Casing Material: Metal

10) Dimension: 96x80x30mm

11) Weight: 257g

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