40-60m Underwater Waterproof Housing Diving Case Cover for DJI Osmo Pocket


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1. Designed for DJI Osmo Pocket, for underwater action, suitable for water and underwater sports scenes such as showering and diving.
2. 40-60 meters waterproof depth, anti-pressure protection is not penetrated..
3. Shockproof protection, anti-surf pressure, anti-fall to protect camera.
4. Hemispherical dome without sight blocking, increase the viewing angle for better overall stitching.
5. Full clear design, glass material, 90% transparency, not affect its photographic effect, remain image quality.
6. Control button design, more flexible operation underwater, ergonomic design, convenient anti-skid grip.
7. Suitable for Surfing, Diving, Swimming, Selfie, Travel, Mountaineering, Parachuting, etc.

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