433MHz Signal Repeater Booster Extender to Wireless Range 200-500m for Home Security Alarm


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1) 433MHz signal repeater booster

2) Increase all your wireless alarm accessories range to 200 – 500 meters

3) This product works with wireless burglar alarm system, wireless GSM auto dial SMS alarm security system (1.5M / 3.3M / 4.7M ) in 433Mhz

4) Frequency supporting 2262 / 2240 / 1527 chips

5) Specification:

1. Quiescent current: ≤10mA

2. Transfer current: ≤200mA

3. Modulation system: ASK

4. Receive sensitivity:—103dB

5. Transmitting power: 600mw

6. The switch for choose the dhock resistance: Press No.1 mean transfer PT2262 1.2M signal. Press No.2 mean to transfer PT2262 1.5M signal.Press No.3 means to transfer Pt2262 3.3M signal.Press No.4 means to transfer Pt2262 4.7M

6) Package included:

1. Wireless signal repeater X 1 (Support all 2262 / 2240 / 1527 Chips)

2. DC 12V power supply X 1

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