7.0 inch Tablet PC, 512MB+4GB Ship Time Lead Time: 1~3 Days Android 4.2.2, 360 Degrees Menu Rotation, Allwinner A33 Quad-core, Bluetooth, WiFi(Red)


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Item #: S-WMC-1588R Category:
1) Brand & Model: 708

2) CPU: Allwinner A33 Quad-core

3) Operating System: Android 4.2.2

4) RAM: DDR3 512MB

5) ROM: 4GB

6) Camera: Dual cameras

7) Bluetooth: YES

8) WIFI: Yes

9) G-sensor: Yes


1) WiFi: 802.11b/g wireless internet


Afrikaans, Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Hrvatski, Italian, Kiswahili, Latvian, Magyar, Nederlands, iSIZULu, Lietuviu, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romana, Romanian, Slovencina, Slovenscina, Svenska, Suomi, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese, Greek, Russian, Filipino, Arabic, Thai, Persian, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese


1) Screen type: Capacitive

2) Screen size: 7.0 inch

3) Screen resolution: 800*480


1) RAM: DDR3 512MB

2) ROM: 4GB

3) External memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)


1) Camera type: Dual cameras (one front one back)

2) Front camera: 0.3 Mega Pixels

3) Back camera: 2.0 Mega Pixels

4) Video recording: Yes


1) TF card slot

2) 3.5mm audio out port

3) Micro USB Slot

4) Microphone

5) DC 5V Port

6) Speaker


1) Lithium Battery: 3.7V/2200mAh

2) Power Adapter: 100-240V Input, DC 5V/2A Output

Media Formats:

1) Video file format: AVI, WMV, RM, RMVB, MKV, 3GP, MP4, MOV, FLV, VOB, Flash 10.1, Flash 10.2, Flash 10.3

2) Audio file format: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC

3) Image file format: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG

4) MS Office format: PPT, Word, Excel

5) E-book format: TXT, PDF

Additional Features:

1) Flash Player, Play store, Gmail, Adobe Reader, Talk, Gallery, GO Weather, Google, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Email, Sound Recorder


1) Size: 180mm x 120mm x 7mm

2) Weight: 273g

Package Contents:

1) 1 x Tablet PC

2) 1 x Power Adapter

3) 1 x USB Cable

4) 1 x English Manual

5) 1 x OTG Cable

Package Weight
One Package Weight0.63kgs / 1.39lb
Qty per Carton24
Carton Weight12.00kgs / 26.46lb
Carton Size44cm * 30cm * 30cm / 17.32inch * 11.81inch * 11.81inch
Loading Container20GP: 673 cartons * 24 pcs = 16152 pcs
40HQ: 1563 cartons * 24 pcs = 37512 pcs


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