AP193 Car Auto Suction Cup Baby Child Safety Car Adjustable Baby Mirror


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1. Weight: 167g, Size: 14.5×9.5×7.5cm
2. Material: ABS
3. Install on windshield /sun visor and directly through the mirror to give you the best of the baby.
4. Easy to fit-mirror attaches in seconds to sun visor, windscreen and rotates and pivots for a clear view.
5. No obstruction to rear view visibility.
6. Fitting Instructions: suckers base, choose a base installation and rotates adjust the position or the mirror to where the infant will sit.
7. Sit in the driver seat in a normal driving position, with rotates adjust the mirror and directly through the mirror to give you the best view of the infant.
8. Extra large: convex mirror provides an expanded view of baby at any time.

Package Weight
One Package Weight0.19kgs / 0.41lb
Qty per Carton40
Carton Weight8.00kgs / 17.64lb
Carton Size58cm * 48cm * 48cm / 22.83inch * 18.9inch * 18.9inch

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