DAB-P9 Pocket Mini DAB Digital Radio with MP3 Player


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Function Description
1. Ultra slim and light weight pocket size digital DAB+ and FM radio receiver with 1.44 inch LCD display and loudspeaker
2. Longer playtime portable DAB+ radio receiver with lower power product design and 1000mAh rechargeable Lithium battery inside
3. Support SD card MP3 player
4. Built-in specially designed high sensitivity telescopic antenna
5. Smart automatic scan and store all DAB+/FMradio stations. No more hassle of searching up and down.
6. Support Manual scan FMstation by0.1MHz step
7. Excellent radio reception performance
8. Good acoustic design with high quality micro speaker built-in
9. Wide range16 level digital volume control
10. User-friendly interface withveryeasyto operation
11. RDS with program type, real-time auto clock, date, channel name and radio text
12. Display Service Information Data
13. Radio Signal Strength Indicator
14. Battery level indicator and battery low flashing warning
15. Selectable multi-language Menu
16. Stereo headphone jack and Micro USB socket for power charging
17. Support lock and unlock of the functional keys

1. Radio format support: DAB+ and FM radio
2. DAB+ frequency: Band III (174.00-240.00MHz)
3. FM frequency: 87.5-108MHz with RDS
4. No. of Presets: 10 DAB and 10 FM channels
5. SD card MP3 Play: 32GB Max
6. Speaker power output: 3W
7. Headphone power output: Stereo 8mW RMS, 32?6?8 ?·
8. Power source: Micro USB power charging socket and rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium battery inside
9. Usage time: Approx. 22 hours (headphone mode) and 10 hours (speaker mode)
10. Charging time: Approx. 3 hours
11. Dimension: 105x 62 x 20mm

Package Weight
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Qty per Carton60
Carton Weight10.80kgs / 23.81lb
Carton Size42cm * 34cm * 24cm / 16.54inch * 13.39inch * 9.45inch
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