Dormitory Household Single Barrel Mini Elution Integrated Washing Machine, CN Plug


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1. Capacity: 4.5KG washing capacity with water
2. Material: ABS + high temperature motor
3. User groups: students, white-collar workers, singles, moms, elderly
4. Product size: 33x33x45cm
5. Packing size: 36.5×36.5x49cm; weight: about 4.5KG;
6. Rated washing power: 260 watts
7. Product accessories: water inlet pipe, pressure plate, dehydration basket, manual warranty card
8. Performance description: Elution is integrated, the knob is turned clockwise, 0-3 minutes is the dehydration time, and 0-10 minutes is the washing time. The washing capacity is 4.5 kg. It is suitable for washing thin clothes in spring, autumn and summer. It can wash 1-2 adult shirts, 2-3 baby clothes, and 2-3 summer short-sleeved T-shirts. The dehydration basket is suitable for taking off 1-2 shirts or short sleeves at a time. Single
9. Matters needing attention: 1. Need to hang up the drain pipe during washing and take out the dehydration basket 2. Put down the drain pipe during dehydration, put it into the dehydration basket and buckle the bottom of the washing machine, the time is between 0-3 minutes.
10. Special reminder: Please open the package and inspect the goods in front of the courier before signing, check whether the outer box of the goods is damaged or broken! Carefully look for cracks around the washing pulsator inside the machine, and then sign again. After signing, it is found that the goods are damaged. The courier fee for changing the new machine back and forth is borne by the buyer, the seller is not responsible! If you do not let the inspection, please contact customer service
11. Warm Tips: Dear friends, all semi-automatic single-tub washing machines are mainly based on the washing function, dehydration is only an additional function, and the effect is not very good.
Package Weight
One Package Weight4.50kgs / 9.93lb
Qty per Carton7
Carton Weight30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size37cm * 37cm * 350cm / 14.57inch * 14.57inch * 137.8inch
Loading Container20GP: 55 cartons * 7 pcs = 385 pcs
40HQ: 129 cartons * 7 pcs = 903 pcs


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