Doulex Plug Electro-Optical Control Energy-Saving Induction Nightlight, UK Plug (Pink)(Red)


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1) Energy saving LED technology of today’s most popular night light, ultra-low power consumption, only consumption of 1 kWh;

2) Intelligent technology of intelligent warmth and light control switch, according to ambient light shading automatically switch night light dark light automatically when bright light during the day, automatically turns off;

3) Beautiful and cute and witty villain shape, changing the traditional lighting of the old-fashioned image, to bring fun.

4) Size: 130 x 60 x 165mm

Package Weight
One Package Weight0.37kgs / 0.82lb
Qty per Carton94
Carton Weight8.70kgs / 19.18lb
Carton Size60cm * 45cm * 45cm / 23.62inch * 17.72inch * 17.72inch

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