HD CVI/TVI/AHD Coaxial Ground Loop Isolator Video Balun BNC Male to Female Anti-jamming


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1. Compatible with CVI 1080P, TVI 720P/1080P, AHD 720P/1080P, it’s not suitable for CVI 720P
2. BNC male to BNC female with mini cable 18cm on both sides
3. Passive,no power required
4. Prevent video-signal distortion caused by video ground loops
5. Eliminates picture tearing, cross talk and rolling
6. Prevent power cables laid bu others interfering with the cctv system
7. Built in video filter, perfect to work with dvr to immunity dvr interference, for interference rejection
8. Built in TVS(Transient Voltage suppressors) for surge protection.
9. Insertion Loss: 0.5dB
10. Frequency Response: 20Hz-60MHz, +0/-4dB
11. Resistance: 75 ohm
12. Isolation Voltage: 600VDC(mini)
13. Transient Voltage Suppressors: 12 Vrms

Input Impedance75 ohms
Cable Length18cm*2
Package Weight
One Package Weight0.07kgs / 0.15lb
Qty per Carton200
Carton Weight12.20kgs / 26.90lb
Carton Size47cm * 28cm * 42cm / 18.5inch * 11.02inch * 16.54inch
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