Lens Filter Cap for DJI Osmo Action


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Product description
Wear-resistant high-quality lenses to prevent lens scratches and prevent foreign matter from entering, providing full protection for the lens. The AF coating is hydrophobic and resistant to oil and is easy to clean. Quick disassembly and assembly design, easy to install.

1. High quality lens, dustproof and wear resistant.
2. AF coating, hydrophobic and oil resistant.

Be sure to tighten the lens protector during installation, otherwise the equipment will be exposed to water.

Packing list
Lens protection cap x 1

Product parameters
Size: 30.8 x 8.37 mm
Weight: 7.8 grams

Compatible with
Package Weight
One Package Weight0.01kgs / 0.03lb
Qty per Carton500
Carton Weight6.50kgs / 14.33lb
Carton Size45cm * 28cm * 40cm / 17.72inch * 11.02inch * 15.75inch
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