Nonslip Folding Car Rear Back Seat Cover Pet Cat Dog Cushion Mat, Size: 154 x 140 x 42 cm(Dark Blue)


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1. This pet seat cover is specially designed for back seat of car.
2. It is the perfect solution that protects your vehicle from dirt, dander and damage, keeping it clean no matter what your pets do.
3. Professional dirt-proof and waterproof.
4. Can be easily opened, rolled up and folded.
5. Washable and reusable.
6. Keep your pet safe during driving.
7. Keep your car clean and protect the seats.

MaterialOxford Cloth
Package Weight
One Package Weight1.24kgs / 2.74lb
Qty per Carton20
Carton Weight25.50kgs / 56.22lb
Carton Size40cm * 36cm * 25cm / 15.75inch * 14.17inch * 9.84inch

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