PALIGHT 600LM LED Flashlight CREE U2 LED, 6 Mode, White Light(Black)


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1) Lamp: CREE U2

2) 6-mode: Light profile, in light file long held Air file, Baoshan, ultra-long-range file, SOS

3) Max Brightness: 600lumens

4) Power Source: 1 x 18650 / 1 x 26650 (not included)

5) Material: Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum

6) Throw Beam: about 100-200 meters

7) Size: 130 x 32mm

8) Weight: 120g

Package Weight
One Package Weight0.22kgs / 0.47lb
Qty per Carton60
Carton Weight12.10kgs / 26.68lb
Carton Size40cm * 20cm * 20cm / 15.75inch * 7.87inch * 7.87inch
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