RUIGPRO Oxford Waterproof Storage Box Case Bag for DJI OSMO Pocket Gimble Camera / OSMO Action, Size: 30.2×20.8×7.2cm (Black)


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1. Simple and stylish, it is easy to carry and suitable for light and short trips.
2. Personalized design and good protection, portable and durable.
3. Made of wear resistant1680D oxford, durable and waterproof.
4. The interior is finished with a soft protective lining that has no serious irritating taste (slightly inevitable).
5. Small, waterproof, drop-resistant and pressure-resistant, protect your equipment from scratches, dust, bumps, impacts, etc.
6. Note: Only storage case, not include cameras and other accessories.

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Package Weight
One Package Weight0.47kgs / 1.03lb
Qty per Carton20
Carton Weight10.50kgs / 23.15lb
Carton Size42cm * 45cm * 64cm / 16.54inch * 17.72inch * 25.2inch

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