RUIGPRO USB Triple Batteries Housing Charger Box with LED Indicator Light for DJI OSMO Action


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1. Charging indicator, when the charger is powered, battery in socket CH1/CH2/CH3, CH1/CH2/CH3 lights on.
2. Can charge 1 battery, and also charge 2 batteries or 3 batteries at the same time.
3. Support over-current protection, overcharge protection, protection against short circuits.
4. DC charger, compared to the existing digital charger in the marketing, more security.
5. Can be used with mobile phone USB charging head, USB car charger, computer USB hole, mobile power, charging is not limited to the interior, also for travel charger.
6. Note: The showing batteries are not included.

1. Upgrade IC chipset, stop after full charge
2. Material: PC plastic
3. Voltage: 5A
4. Current: 2A
5. Size: 6.1*5.4*5.9cm
6. Weight: 79g

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