Small Sun 5W 1-Mode Blue Light Fishing Light with Tripod Stand(Coffee)


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1) Made of high quality aluminum alloy.

2) Super bright and no strobe condenser.

3) Mode: 1 mode

4) LED bulb: blue light

5) Power: 5w

6) Battery: 3xAAA Batteries(not included) /1×18650 battery(not included)

7) Material: Aviation Aluminum

8) Size: 139x35x35mm

9) Tripod Stand length: 15cm

10) Comes with stand, bracket can easily adjust up and down about 360 degrees to meet the needs of different exposure angles

11) Lamp body size, remove the bracket can be more convenient to carry.

12) Switch: Press on / off switch on the body side

* Why use blue fishing lights, What are the benefits?

1) Floats can be effective reflection fluorescence, so clearly visible.

2) Blu-ray because the wavelength, and does not scare away the fish.

3) Prolonged gaze without feeling tired.

4) A special light and color to attract schools of fish gather to night fishing phototaxis better.

5) Preferably blue light, harmless to human body (violet light is harmful.)

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