STARTRC ABS Handheld Mobile Phone Clip Holder Expansion Accessories with 8 Pin Data Cable for DJI OSMO Pocket


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1. Provide more experience by connecting via data lines.
2. It can be taken for shooting with one hand or placed on the ground. Imore convenience and more easier and stable to shooting by handheld or fixed pointwith one hand and shoot in fixed-point.
4. It do notaffect the installation of the wireless module,you can also install wireless module Phone holder without the cable.
5. Help you easily enjoy the world of photography and discover the beauty of the virtual world

Package Weight
One Package Weight0.16kgs / 0.35lb
Qty per Carton100
Carton Weight10.00kgs / 22.05lb
Carton Size45cm * 34cm * 42cm / 17.72inch * 13.39inch * 16.54inch
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