STARTRC Color Pattern Waterproof PVC Stickers Drone & Controller & Battery Stickers for DJI Mavic Mini (Ink cloud)


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Item #: DOP4807A Brand: STARTRC Categories: ,
1. Easy to stick and clean, residue-free removal.
2. Prismatic Gum with Double-layer Air Channels, to avoid bubbles when paste the stickers.
3. Outdoor Specific Ink , Lasting Bright Colors, Waterproof and oil-proof, Anti-Scratch. Provide Effective Protection to your drones.
4. Thin design provide good hand feeling and perfect fit your drone.
5. Fits for DJI Mavic Mini.

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One Package Weight0.04kgs / 0.09lb
Qty per Carton80
Carton Weight3.10kgs / 6.83lb
Carton Size42cm * 38cm * 32cm / 16.54inch * 14.96inch * 12.6inch

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