TrustFire TR-J2 40m Diving Flashlight CREE XML T6 LED, 4-Mode, with 18650 Battery / US Plug Charger / Stainless Steel Attack Tooth(Black)


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1) LED type: CREE XML T6

2) 4 Mode: 10% light>50%>100%>flash light

3) Using the latest CREE-XML-T6 LED light, high brightness 1000LM, life up to 100,000 hours

4) Through the head of quick response control loop can quickly switch the required brightness

5) Head stainless steel attack tooth, can effectively break the glass, when not in use can remove

6) Aircraft grade aluminum alloy, surface hard anode oxidation treatment.

7) Rotate the rear can be completely powered down, more energy-saving, environmental protection.

8) For military, law enforcement, self-defense, hunting, outdoor, search, rescue and other special design, waterproof ability according to the standard of IPX8 (below 40m submersible)

9) Power: 2×18650 batteries(included)

10) With battery charger: AC 100V/240V, 50/60Hz,Max 150mA

-Output: DC 4.2V/600mAh

11) Size: 230x36x36mm

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