ytjjz0105 2 Million Pixels Household Rotatable Wireless WiFi HD Camera, Support Infrared Night Vision & Mobile Phone Remote Monitoring & Motion Detection / Alarm & Two-way Voice


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Product parameters:
1. Resolution: 1920x1080P (2 million pixels).
2. Frame rate: 15fps.
3. Power interface: Micro USB.
4. Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz.
5. Wired network: RJ45 10 / 100MB adaptive Ethernet interface.
6. Maximum online users: Support 5 users online at the same time.
7. Image adjustment: brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma adjustable, three times digital zoom.
8. Wireless network: IEEE 802.11b / g / n.
9. Audio compression format: AAC / G.711, supports two-way voice intercom.
10. Built-in microphone: support.
11. External speakers: Supported.
12. Rotation angle: 355 degrees horizontally, 90 degrees vertically.
13. IR CUT: The infrared dual filter is automatically switched.
14. Night vision effect: HD infrared night vision.
15. Alarm detection: motion detection.
16. Local storage: 1 TF (Micro SD) card storage interface, maximum support 128GB.
17. Alarm notification: Android / IOS system mobile phone alarm push.
18. Appearance material: plastic (ABS).

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Carton Weight24.40kgs / 53.79lb
Carton Size53cm * 52cm * 42cm / 20.87inch * 20.47inch * 16.54inch

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